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    9/28 @B.C.
    10/5 MARYLAND
    10/12 Open
    10/19 @Clemson
    10/26 N.C. STATE
    11/2 MIAMI
    11/9 @Wake
    11/16 SYRACUSE
    11/23 IDAHO
    11/30 @UF

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July 23, 2009


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You need to check out the facts of the McDonald's lawsuit. Although I agree with your overall assertion as to Phillips and even your analogy to the McDonald case (somewhat), your statement that the woman in the McDonald's case lacked character is ignorant.

In fact, it is McDonald's who lacked character. Liebeck, the Plaintiff, received third degree burns around her crotch that required skin grafts. Evidence at the trial showed that McDonald's required their franchises to serve coffee at 180 degrees!She offered to settle with McDonald's for her medical costs ($11,000), but McDonald's only offered her $800.00. Any person in their right mind would have gone after McDonald's.

In contrast to the Phillips scenario, where he only got his feelings hurt, Liebeck had substantial medical treatment, as well as physical pain and suffering. She never agreed to have her skin burned as part of her .49 "contract" with McDonalds.



What the heck does "insegrevious" mean? You made that word up!

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